Concierge Membership

Private | on-call, Concierge physical therapy care | 24/7/365.  

who concierge is best for

Clients who require a higher level of care and will need many visits to recover.

Clients who need more visits that the allotted amount from insurance providers or Medicare. 

Clients with chronic pain who would like regular hands on care to help manage pain.

Clients who will enjoy a cost savings on services.

Clients without insurance.

Clients who are dedicated to staying better after the initial plan of care.

Clients who require year round care, rather than treatment for a few weeks.

Annual Concierge membership benefits

24 Hour Access to Dr. Rubino - Contact Dr. Rubino personally, any time via email, phone call or text for answers to physical therapy questions, wellness or scheduling. Dr. Rubino will promptly reply to ensure you are getting the assistance you need when you need it.

Same Day Appointments - Need hands on therapy today but don't have an appointment? Not a problem. The Concierge Membership ensures you same day appointments.

Priority Scheduling 

2 Wellness Exams 

Personalized Exercise Program - Dr. Rubino will prepare a comprehensive exercise program after your initial wellness evaluation that will help you get on the fast track to feeling your best. Modifications to this exercise program will be made as needed to compliment the care you are receiving.

Optional Video Exercise - While reviewing your personalized exercise program with you for the first time, we will record your session and provide a digital copy to you to review at a later time and access as you need for reference. 

Membership Rates

Single Membership - Includes Annual Concierge Membership benefits for one person. $1,300, Annually.

Couples Membership -  Includes Annual Concierge Membership benefits for two people. $2,400, Annually.


To learn more and find out if the Rubino Physical Therapy Concierge Program is right for you, please call 239-250-7850 or fill out the form below.