The Rubino Physical Therapy Difference

Pain all too often keeps us from enjoying the sports and activities we love to perform. An even greater tragedy is when it keeps us from being able to enjoy daily life.   For example, foot pain can keep you from walking normally, causing you to compensate and injure other areas of your body as your posture is altered. Nagging shoulder and neck discomfort can become sharp and debilitating if not addressed sooner than later. All too often, I have heard clients describe how they tolerated the discomfort because they thought it would just go away on its own. Not long after, they were dealing with chronic pain that worsened and caused dysfunction. Athletes I have treated were fearful to address a nagging ache because they didn’t want to lose playing time, only to find themselves in my office needing to rehabilitate what progressed into an injury. Physical therapy should be this…a careful examination of motion, body mechanics and soft tissue / joint mobility to determine what tissue or tissues are propagating pain. I have always appreciated a thorough examination from my healthcare providers. It told me they were interested in finding a long term solution and cared about making me healthier for daily living. I desire the same for my clients, so that they can feel empowered to experience less pain and greater confidence enjoying the activities they love.