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Why should you choose private physical therapy and wellness first?  Simply put, you can avoid the length of time it takes to see your primary doctor and begin to address the pain when it starts. We have heard many clients share how they waited weeks before they could get in to see their physician, only to be sent to physical therapy. Weeks, months had already transpired before they finally saw someone who was able to accurately diagnose and begin treating the problem. Dr. Rubino wants to address the pain before it becomes an issue.  

What if we told you that pain is not a problem? What if we told you pain is your body alerting you to something that is becoming a problem. Sports like tennis and golf are strenuous and can impose a lot of stress though your joints, ligaments and soft tissues. If specific muscle group strength is not optimal and adequate mobility and flexibility available, injury will ensue. Stay in the game. Dr. Rubino will help you identify where your problem pain areas exist, what is contributing to these areas and perform treatments to promote healing and injury prevention. 

Even if you are not experiencing pain, you may be wondering how long you can last before it starts. Dr. Rubino will perform screen assessments and prescribe a personalized program that will help you prevent injuries commonly associated with playing these and many sports. Below are some specific examples of pains that develop into serious conditions if not addressed properly. 




recurring dull muscle ache

burning into extremity

decreased balance 

stiffness with swing


can develop into a muscle strain and / or tendonitis

possible adverse neural tension, nerve impingement

impaired joint position awareness and / or neuromuscular control of a joint 

abnormal joint shearing and compression exacerbating underlying arthritis