testimonials from our lovely clients.

"Dr. Michael Rubino has been my physical therapist here in SW Florida for several years.  I am a Canadian who winters in Florida, and every year when I return south, I seek out Dr. Rubino specifically.  He is an expert at alleviating and eliminating muscle and joint pain that has built up over the off season, and has assisted in my rehabilitation following surgery and other emergent medical conditions.  Dr. Rubino is highly patient-focused and extremely knowledgeable in using manual therapy to assist his patients who come to him for rehabilitation or for long or short term physical issues.  His understanding and awareness of anatomy and the origins and manifestations of 'pain' enables him to locate the source of the problem and to work towards alleviating it. Importantly, he teaches as he works, believes repetition tobe at the heart of healing and considers his patients to be partners in their care.  Using email, Dr. Rubino diagrammatically conveys the exercises he has taught during the session, to ensure that home care is part of the healing.  As a medical professional, and a person, Dr. Rubino is a caring, conscientious and capable physiotherapist whom I would recommend as a healer and helper for anyone in need of rehabilitation and pain relief."

- Mary Ann P., Bonita Springs, Florida


“Dr. Mike Rubino is a very professional, accomplished, and caring physical therapist.  Mike works with a patient in different ways to get the best responses toward reaching their goals.  And he is a nice guy.”

-Marilyn & Dennis H., Naples, Florida


"I've had a consistent nagging lower back pain for years that hasn't gotten any better. I went to see Dr. Mike and was very impressed at how thorough his diagnosis and evaluation was. Dr. Mike was very patient and kind, as he analyzed the problem and put a plan together to help me improve. His knowledge and understanding of his practice is incredible. He's the best in the business in my opinion." 

- Josh G., Naples, Florida


“I was amazed at Dr. Mike Rubino’s ability to put me at ease when dealing with a knee injury that I didn’t know how to rehabilitate myself.  I have been playing baseball for many years and was concerned I was going to not be able to play like I used to.   I left his care with a renewed confidence in myself and able to play just as hard...I couldn’t have done it without him!”



"In November of 2014, I hired Dr. Michael Rubino fora back injury I sustained at work.  My injury caused severe lower back and sciatic nerve pain.  Dr. Rubino quickly answered my call and met me at my house the same day I called to asses my injury. After a thorough assessment of my injury, Dr. Rubino provided relief through massage, stretching, and physical exercises.  During my 12 week rehabilitation treatment plan, Dr. Rubino provided me with knowledge of how to heal my injury, confidence that I would be able to lead an active life again, and a detailed exercises regiment, which lead to a full recovery. 

Dr. Rubino's concierge service was the difference between getting my physical therapy and just trying to "tuff it out". The concierge services provided flexibility to my busy schedule and was something I could not find at a store front rehabilitation facility. I would recommended Dr. Rubino to anyone looking for a one-on one physical therapist. Dr. Rubino cares about his patients and never rushes out the door to get to the next one.  Dr. Rubino was always prompt and on time."



“My two plus years periodically working with Michael have been very productive. He has kept my MS from worsening. His deep tissue therapy on my foot, ankle, and calf muscles help me walk better without tripping and falling. Michael has also shown me many exercises that I can do at home to maintain the improvements he has made on my mobility. Therefore I don’t have to rely on consistent therapy year round! But I’m always thrilled when I can come back to him again! “

- Kay, Naples, Florida