“Don’t just learn the mechanics of the golf swing, learn the mechanics of your body as it relates to the golf swing.”

Often I have clients who express their desire to have the “best swing” for when they are out on the course. But what if I told you your swing is only as good as your biomechanical capacity? Simply put, you can only swing as effective as your joints and soft tissues in your body will allow you to. During examinations, I all too often discover joint / soft tissue restrictions as well as muscle weakness and imbalances. Correcting these types of problems before you do a ton of golf stretches and exercises you read online or saw on a television show, is essential for a healthy, uncompensated golf swing. I am not a golf professional… I leave the swing instruction to the golf pros but allow me to help you improve your mobility and build the stability you need to make their instruction more effective. Wellness and prevention can and most often does help prevent an injury. Request a TPI exam today! http://www.rubinopt.com/request-an-appointment/ 
~Dr. Mike