"My pain in my back is such a pain in my butt!"

Well, this could very well be the case if you suffer from what is called discogenic back pain. In some instances, a bulging intervetebral disc is increasing pressure on a nerve root that is exiting the space between your vertebrae causing it to be pinched or entrapped. The pressure on this nerve can then cause radiating pain down the nerves distribution (or pathway) into your buttock or even into the lower leg. This is often referred to as "sciatica" but it is the origin of the problem and related findings that must be discovered through examination that leads to the best possible recovery when dealing with back / leg pain. If this or something similar is happening to you, request an appointment so I can help get you onto a pathway of recovery. Be it your spine or any other joint / muscle / ligament, don't let pain in these areas keep you from doing the things you love the most. In a lot of cases, early examination and treatment can help prevent a major issue down the road.

~ Dr. Mike